LAX lately…

Here are some recent photo’s of the construction going on at LAX!




Curt Fentress visits the construction site

Curt took a trip to see how LAX is coming along. Here are some of the pictures from his visit.

First Roof Truss’

This morning the first roof truss’ of the core were put in place. These photos show them flying in!

Experience the LAX Departure

Discover what it will be like to depart from the new LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Click on the link directly below.

LAX Departure

Unveiling the Final Architectural Vision

“Today marks a milestone in our effort to modernize the hub of the region’s air transportation system and restore it to the premier international gateway the airlines need and the City of Angels deserves.”

-Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

On November 17, 2008, we unveiled the vision of LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal “Bradley West” Project and Midfield Concourse Project at the Flight Path Learning Center in Los Angeles, California.

Study models

An important phase of designing any building are the study models. Here are a few photographs of the LAX study models. It really allows us to see the design come to life!

First Renderings of LAX

Conceptual Form

The engaging natural environment of the Southern California Coast inspired the rhythmic design forms that underlie the predominant and most comprehensive concept for the overall vision of the LAX modernization project. The other concepts will remain as on-going inspirational resources as we continue to honor such key elements of the Los Angeles community. They will serve as constant points of reference as the interior of the Airport is designed.

As for the final specific conceptual form, the ocean wave is the dominant inspiration. Coming in from the Pacific Ocean, the Midfield Satellite Concourse represents the formation of the ocean swell in the open sea. The progression continues to the new concourses at Tom Bradley International Terminal, where the waves take shape and begin to curl over the existing terminal. Finally, the Central Processor represents the waves as they break and crash onto shore. The long linear bridge connecting all three buildings represents the pier. Historically, the pier has been the iconic element at the beach. An inviting place for those not willing to get their feet wet, locals and tourists alike are encouraged to take a stroll along the pier, where awaiting them at the end are concessions, retail and a view of the open sea. This bridge functions in the same manner by providing lounges at either end, arriving views of the Cityand Mountains beyond and departing views of the Santa Monica Mountains and the open sea. The bridge also provides access to the major concession and retail areas in TBIT and MSC. The roofs over these central areas are larger and skewed, representing the deflection of waves against the piles of the piers. The arches supporting the bridge continue the language of flight established by the Theme Building. As the waves enlarge approaching the shore to the east, the arches likewise increase in size as planes are taking off to the West.

Los Angeles Inspiration

This is what we heard….